Teres Oak Barrels

"Bulgarian Oak" - The largest wine barrel producer in Bulgaria.

The Barrels

  • Individually selected premium oak trunks
  • Air-seasoned for 24 to 36 months
  • Soft tannins and elegant floral nose
  • Slow open fire toast to accentuate natural wood flavors
  • Light/Medium/Medium Plus/Heavy toast levels
  • European double-galvanized steel hoops

What makes a great wine barrel?
It's a combination of qualities. The wood has to be faultless, well-aged prior to building, and the workmanship uniformly excellent inside and out. The Teres barrel is one of my best barrels in build quality and strong aromas.

Don Corson,Camaraderie Cellars, Port Angeles, Washington State

100% sessile Bulgarian oak


Of the two oak types, most widely used in Europe for barrel production − quercus penduculata and quercus sessiliflora. Bulgarian oak is of the more desirable quercus sessiliflora type. Sessiliflora's growth is slower and more regular than that of penduculata, resulting in wood which is fine-grained versus the wide-grain wood of penduculata. Because of its tight grain, sessiliflora tends to be less phenolic than penduculata, and so produces a softer tasting wine, with a higher level of olfactory characteristics.

Leak-free, tight staves with regular shape being well-fitted together, imparting beautiful flavors to wine, consistent volume of barrels.

Eric Metz,Lenora Winery, Ramona, California

The Variety

Barrels by toasting

Barrels by size

To me a great wine barrel simply brings out the best in the wines they contain. I use a variety of barrels and often the wines in the Teres barrels are the most impressive of the lot. The flavors the Teres barrels impart really match up with some of our varietals. I will continue to use Teres Oak.

Scott Benjamin,Little Swan Lake Winery, Iowa

The Process

The Teres barrel is a very good value. The barrel is NOT cheap, but a frugal answer to making quality red wines. The barrels have continued to improve. The finish work is excellent by any standard. I especially like the fact that the rim insides are sanded. Much easier on my hands! (I am a "hands-on" winemaker)

Don Corson,Camaraderie Cellars, Port Angeles, Washington State

The Clients

What are the benefits of using a Teres Oak barrels?
Every barrel gives off a different 'profile'. The Teres barrels just add a more complex profile to the finished product.

Len Gelfand,Gelfand Winery, Paso Robles, California

The Team

I have one of my best selling wines, Petite Sirah, in the Teres barrels and they provide a more complex toast flavors with tobacco and hints of chocolate. I use only French and Bulgarian barrels with my wines. I am enjoying their flavor profiles in many of my varietals. The price point of the Teres barrels rocks for what we get. I will be using Teres Barrels for the foreseeable future.

Bob Sage,Plain Cellars, Washington State



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